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An image of the CEREC logo. Learn more about CEREC same day crowns at Advanced Dental Arts NW in Portland, OR.Our goal at Advanced Dental Arts NW is to provide dental work that is imperceptible. We exchange existing crowns and dental fillings with restorations that look and feel like your natural teeth.

CEREC 3D is a computerized system for designing and milling beautiful porcelain crowns and tooth restorations (inlays and onlays) in a single visit. With CEREC, we remove only those portions of the tooth already lost or weakened, saving as much of original structure as possible—consistent with our minimally invasive approach to dentistry. The look and feel of the restored tooth is amazingly lifelike. And there are no impressions, temporary crowns, or return visits necessary with this procedure!

Dr. Russell Teasdale has made continuing education and incorporating the latest in tools and technology a priority in our practice. Our staff, at Advanced Dental Arts NW, along with Dr. Russell Teasdale, works to provide our patients with the best care; this is why we have included the CEREC milling station as part of our restoration options. CEREC is a tool that was designed with you, our patient, in mind.

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics and is more commonly referred to by the more simple CEramic REConstruction. This machine has been created to be a one-stop restoration. With it, we can design, customize and then fabricate a metal-free restoration prosthetic, including veneers, inlays, onlays, a dental crown, or even a dental bridge. This entire service is done in office, not in a dental lab. The difference is a product that is designed, created, and fabricated the same day as your dental appointment; you no longer have to wait.

An image of a woman smiling. Same visit dental crowns, also called CEREC restoration, done by Advanced Dental Arts NW in Portland, OR are able to restore any smile.

Same Visit Prosthetics

At most dental offices, if a patient requires a dental restoration such as a crown or bridge, they are required to make at least two office visits, first to determine what is needed and then at a later date to fit the device. With CEREC, we can restore your tooth from start to finish all in one appointment, saving you time.

The CEREC station is both a customized design and milling station. Treatment begins with 3D radiographic images, which are then processed using CAD/CAM technology. The specialized software allows us to take precise measurements; it will also determine your dentitions and the shape, and size of your teeth. This will allow us to create a perfect customized restoration that was designed with you in mind. The work done through this technology is far more efficient than the traditional plaster molds.

Once we have designed your customized plan, we will then allow the CEREC milling machine to create your prosthetic while you wait. In a very short time, the machine will create and then fire your device right here in our office. Our patients love the CEREC difference. With CEREC, our patients no longer need to wait for their prosthetic to be fabricated in a dental lab, we can have your dental work done from beginning to end in one appointment.

Ceramic Dental Restorations

CEREC creates ceramic, metal and mercury free dental restorations. Ceramic restorations come with many benefits including:
•  Perfect Looking Ceramic Teeth: Ceramic dental restorations visibly appear very close to your natural teeth, both in color and translucency.
•  Metal and Mercury Free: Metal crowns are known for durability, but not for beauty. Their dark color can frustrate any patient, even metal crowns with porcelain overlay can chip exposing the metal beneath.
•  Less Risk: Ceramic crowns are made using only biocompatible materials, meaning less risk for allergic reactions or gum irritation.
•  Precise Fit: With CEREC, 3D images and software, we can design a perfect match, fitting your bite, both with the tooth and other surrounding teeth.
•  Durable: Current studies have indicated that CEREC restorations exceed any other material in durability and longevity, including gold.

We would love to answer your questions on CEREC restorations! For more information, contact Dr. Russell Teasdale, our front office staff is happy to assist you. (503) 446-2722.
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