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When it comes to the long-term health of your mouth, we at Advanced Dental Arts NW want you to have a reason to smile for the rest of your life! Accidents do happen, and when they do, we probably have a way to fix them. When it comes to extreme cases of decay or trauma to a tooth, we have a few ways that we can fix the tooth – one of them is by placing a dental crown. Dental crowns give us a way to protect your natural teeth while simultaneously restoring your ability to eat the way you always have.

What is a dental crown?

Think of a dental crown as a hat for your tooth, but the hat is made to look and act just like the tooth it’s covering up. A dental crown fits over the top of a tooth that has experienced significant trauma or decay, and give you back the form and function of your tooth. The best part about dental crowns is that they save your natural teeth from having to be removed and replaced, which saves you time and money.

Why might I need a dental crown?

As we have mentioned above, the most common reasons for needing a dental crown is excessive decay or trauma to a tooth, but those are not the only reasons people end up needing a dental crown. We are all familiar with dental fillings, but did you know that dental fillings need to be replaced every few decades? It’s true! Sometimes when we find a filling that has reached the end of its usefulness, we will take it out only to realize that the situation won't allow us to simply replace the filling. If there is not enough of your tooth left to support a filling, sometimes we will place a dental crown to restore the tooth. If you notice that your dental crown hurts, it's time to schedule an appointment.

Dental crowns are also placed to restore tooth replacement options like dental implants. We can even use dental crowns to restore teeth that have had to undergo root canal therapy.

The Dental Crown Procedure

It will require two trips to our office to have a dental crown placed. During the first trip, we will take an impression of your tooth to send to our dental lab so that they can craft a custom crown for your tooth that will fit perfectly into your bite. Once we have the impression, we will ensure your comfort, apply a local anesthetic and begin reshaping your tooth so that it will be able to receive a dental crown. Because crowns are made to fit over your existing teeth, we will shave some of the enamel off of your tooth so the dental crown will be able to rest on top of it. We will place a temporary crown on your tooth, and that will be the end of your first visit for dental crown placement.

Once we have received your dental crown from our dental laboratory, it will be time for you to return to the final placement of your permanent dental crown. We will remove the temporary crown and place the permanent one using a permanent dental adhesive. Once we are certain that the crown fits properly into your bite, we will set it in place permanently using special ultraviolet light.
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